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Main production: chocolate, candy, coffee, coffee chewable pieces, sugar free mint, non fried puffed food and other varieties

Xylitol, chocolate professional manufacturer!

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Corporate culture

"Unity, cooperation, enterprising, innovation" is the enterprise spirit of aodes, the goal of our enterprise is to create an elite team and create a golden brand. Our business philosophy is to take customers as the center, to seek survival and development with quality and service ". In the growth and development of Audace, we also hope to continue to get the help and support of new and old customers and colleagues from all walks of life, so as to establish a long-term win-win cooperation relationship with you. At the same time, our company will constantly standardize the management of internal production, quality, sales and service, so as to ensure that we can provide products and services with market competition.

Audace's enterprise spirit: unity, cooperation, enterprising and innovation
Aodes business philosophy: customer-oriented, quality and service for survival and development
Aodes quality concept: quality is wealth and life. The quality goal of refinement, high standard and zero defect is always the pursuit of aodes enterprises
Principle of customer service: fast, sincere, equal, patient and professional
Audace's business mission: continuously devote ourselves to the research and development of new products and the improvement and transformation of traditional products, and strive to provide customers with high cost-effective and excellent products and services
Aodes enterprise goal: to be a first-class enterprise, to build a modern excellent team, to create a well-known brand
Audace's work style:
1、 Active, rigorous, strict and efficient
2、 Take the initiative to accept the task, take the initiative to take responsibility, take the initiative to find problems, take the initiative to improve, strive for improvement, and get to the bottom of the matter
3、 Strict management, strict punishment, strict law of people, self-discipline, strict work process, strict reward and punishment, quick response and immediate action

Tianjin Putian Tongle food, a professional manufacturer of xylitol and chocolate
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