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Learn to look at cocoa content
  When choosing a chocolate product, cocoa content is an important reference standard. From the overall level of chocolate products, dark chocolate contains the most cocoa ingredients, the cocoa content of good dark chocolate can reach more than 90%, while the cocoa content of white chocolate will not exceed 50%. Nutritionists generally recommend dark chocolate with high cocoa content, followed by white chocolate. Because in the process of chocolate making, dark chocolate not only needs to add pure cocoa butter, but also adds a large amount of cocoa paste, which makes the cocoa content in dark chocolate very high; while for white chocolate, because of the color relationship, after adding pure cocoa butter, there is no need to add other cocoa solids, but to add milk powder, cream or sugar and other ingredients, so the overall cocoa content is low.

Learn to read product code
  The content of cocoa butter in dark chocolate is high. Polyphenols are the natural ingredients of cocoa beans and also a powerful antioxidant. There are also nuts with oxidation effect. Medical research shows that oxidative damage is the main cause of many chronic diseases. German health experts call black nut chocolate "aristocrat of chocolate family". The study found that eating 30 grams of black nut chocolate every day can reduce the incidence of heart disease by 15%. In addition, dark chocolate and nuts contain a lot of minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium. These minerals can participate in and improve the microcirculation of the human body, effectively improve the skin condition, and make you feel happy and satisfied after eating.

Consumers should pay attention to:
  1、 When buying chocolate products, you should see the product packaging clearly. The first is the name of the product. When some manufacturers design the outer packaging, the font of "chocolate" is large and the color is eye-catching, while the font of "cocoa butter" is small, which is easy to mislead consumers. The second is the list of ingredients. If cocoa butter is not marked in the list of ingredients, it can not be called "chocolate".
  2、 Pure, high-quality chocolate, the appearance of the product is exquisite, complete design, after breaking open, you can see the texture of the product, good quality chocolate is very delicate and even, melting at the entrance; poor quality chocolate has many large and small pores, uneven distribution, dull surface luster, difficult to dissolve in the entrance.