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Health interpretation

Chocolate + tea = folic acid
  Helmer Seth, a medical expert at Heimlich University in Germany, believes that cocoa polyphenols and tea polyphenols in chocolate have strong antioxidant functions. The combination of them can not only prolong the action time of other antioxidants in the body, such as vitamin E and C, but also promote vasodilation and treat anemia symptoms. Experts pointed out that after eating chocolate and a cup of black tea, its effect is equivalent to the protective effect of folic acid on blood vessels.

Dark chocolate + nuts = antioxidants
  The content of cocoa butter in dark chocolate is high. Polyphenols are the natural ingredients of cocoa beans and also a powerful antioxidant. There are also nuts with oxidation effect. Medical research shows that oxidative damage is the main cause of many chronic diseases. German health experts call black nut chocolate "aristocrat of chocolate family". The study found that eating 30 grams of black nut chocolate every day can reduce the incidence of heart disease by 15%. In addition, dark chocolate and nuts contain a lot of minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium. These minerals can participate in and improve the microcirculation of the human body, effectively improve the skin condition, and make you feel happy and satisfied after eating.

Chocolate + milk = high quality calcium
  Milk contains a large number of calcium substances needed by the body. After it is combined with glucose and calcium in chocolate, it can form calcium lactose and calcium lactate which are easy to be absorbed by human body. The absorption of these two kinds of high-quality calcium in the human body is far better than ordinary calcium tablets. In addition, milk contains a lot of liquid, which can help the body to speed up the metabolism level and promote the absorption of calcium. However, it is worth noting that chocolate milk often on the market can not achieve this effect.