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Basic information of main raw materials of chocolate

Source: adminRelease time:2020-08-18 01:50
    Chocolate is a kind of sweet food with cocoa paste and cocoa butter as the main raw materials. It not only tastes delicate and sweet, but also has a strong aroma. Chocolate can be eaten directly, can also be used to make cakes, ice cream and so on. In the romantic Valentine's day, it is the expression of love indispensable protagonist.
    Chocolate is small, hot and delicious. Studies have found that chocolate contains antioxidants found in red wine. Chocolate is chocolate, which is transliteration of chocolate. Many people confuse it.
    China's chocolate production is growing at a double-digit rate. Overall, the chocolate market has begun to move from the development market to the mature market. In 2012, the total annual output of chocolate in China was about 280000 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 12%; the import volume of chocolate in China was 37400 tons, including 4973 tons of chocolate, 11523 tons of chocolate products and 20978 tons of other chocolates, with the import value of 99.45 million US dollars; the export volume of chocolate was 19000 tons, with the export value of 76.99 million US dollars.