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Key to the aroma of chocolate fermentation

Source: adminRelease time:2020-08-18 01:55
    Cocoa trees are planted and harvested by local manors in central and South America. There are about 20-60 cocoa beans in each pod. After the cocoa beans are fermented (5-7 days) and dried (5-7 days), the cocoa beans are packed according to their varieties and sizes.
    During the fermentation process of cocoa beans, alcohol and carbon dioxide will be produced, and the alcohol will become acetic acid. The protein components in the seeds will be decomposed into amino acids, and the germination ability will be lost. The tannins will solidify and the bitter and astringent taste will be reduced. The color of the seeds changed in appearance, resulting in the red brown pigment peculiar to cocoa bean, and the kernel would shrink and peel off the seed coat. High quality chocolate has a natural fragrance, and sour taste is the key to affect the aroma of chocolate.